In many cases, a divorce is the most difficult time in a person's life. Everyday you are balancing your day-to-day schedule which can be challenging alone, but trying to balance your daily schedule AND a divorce without a divorce attorney can simply be overwhelming. While the necessary forms to represent yourself can be found online, complications often arise in a divorce which lead to greater stress, greater anxiety, and a greater risk that your interests will not be protected and properly advocated.

As your attorney, my first priority is to learn your goals and objectives. We will then seek a settlement agreement between you and your spouse. A mutual agreement between the parties is always less timely, less costly, less aggravating, and it guarantees that you have a say in the final outcome of your case, as opposed to leaving it to a Judge's discretion.

With that said, a settlement obviously requires two reasonable parties to reach an agreement. So if a settlement agreement cannot be reached, you can feel very comfortable that you will have an experienced and prepared litigator in the courtroom. I have fourteen years of experience and I have litigated many trials and many hearings before the Court. Your interests, your goals, and your rights will be protected!

Do not proceed any further with your family law matter without speaking to a divorce attorney in my office. You may be subject to losing a lifetime accumulation of your assets, your home, or even worse, the custody of your children.

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